Peeling the past in present

On the fall of 2012, I started pouring PVC glue at different sites and spaces, in a random manner. Although white in color when poured, the glue became transparent after it dried. It was not clearly visible so people steped on it. From the time the glue was poured on to the ground, it, in a way, started collecting time. Collecting time in the form of footsteps of shoes that passed through it.

I peel the glue off after a couple of month’s time. The area the glue once covered now leaves a lighter coloured ground. It is after this peeling process that people who pass through these sites notice the spot where the glue was poured. Now, the absence of the glue on the ground makes people conscious of the ground. This process is like memory itself. The presence of an object and the essence of it in it’s absence.

This is an ongoing process, and I have been pouring in different sites of Kathmandu, from mechanical workshops to other artist’s studios, from the streets to the houses of people. The intention is to exhibit the collection of peeled glue along with a documentation of the process


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