Mobile Memorymobile memory

It is difficult to keep track of all the memories we have lived through. Those that carry the most intense emotions seem more important and are easier to recall. Memories of birthdays, celebration, trips and get-together always seems precious. Memories of pain and sadness are also persistent but these memories we try to leave behind. We make no attempt to document them, unlike our happier memories.

Before the digital age, a photograph taken for memory would take time to process. People took the photographs on rolls of film, waited for them to get developed and printed. In the end they would dump them into big fat albums, which would only be opened in certain occasions. Now, owing to technological advancements, things have changed. The bulky photo-albums are in the form of digital and cloud storage devices. These digitalize photos are uploaded onto the Internet, in social networking and photo storage sites with a can be accessed and shared with much ease. Somebody else in one corner views a photograph taken by a person in another corner of the world. It has become so easy to share memories. Memories have become mobile.

In this project, I have collected such mobile memories from Facebook albums from my friends and relatives. A website like Facebook has become a hub for memory sharing. Social networking, to an extent has made us realize how memory is a shared aspect to begin with. During the research work for this project, I found out that in different profile pages of different people, the same photographs occurred. These memories are also like that, conjoint with so many others that they are not only yours or mine, they become ours.


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