Balance is integral. Everything that exists is bound within a sense of balance. For things that are not, there are ways in which they can be brought to a state of symmetry.

As humans we primarily deal with the balances our body, mind and emotions have to maintain in life. Apart from individual balance, we further go on to sustain balance in the society through our contact with beings with life and beings that are still. A society is about contributing to create something whilst retaining the equilibrium.

The performance

Three artists worked together in KUArt’s gallery space to build a structure out of brick. No adhesive of any sort were used during the construction and the artists solely relied on gravitational and relational balance. The team gradually worked on to build an establishment which touched both floor and the ceiling of the gallery space. Whilst this performance, an abstract video was being projected onto the sculpture and the artists.

This work was done in collaboration with artists Pramila Gurung and Nhooja Tuladhar.



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