A huge bit


We live in this colossal world of persistently growing technology. Internet, for the most part has turned into an integral component of modern life, almost an addictive facility. It has actually shrunk the world to make it a smaller place to live in through its highly complex networking and connection.

Torrenting, although illegal for the most part, is an ever growing internet phenomenon. Through torrent engines and catering sites, one can download or upload anything and share it with people across the globe. Pirated, yes, but its absolutely free. A huge bit is the outcome of a process in which a wheel-cart carrying various materials was pushed along around the city. The materials, in turn were traded with personal properties of people living in communities that came across during the journey. A small attempt on experiencing what torrenting could be in physical sense.

A collaborative project done with artist Nhooja Tuladhar and Shiva Prasad Upadhyaya



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