Humanity is synonymous to art. The very existence of humans defines what it art, without whom the idea of separation of something to be an object of art or not is out of the question.

Art, for me, is a game capable of providing one with immense happiness. This game cannot be played by a single player, the very way happiness is meaningless without company. So, this thought of wanting to not limit happiness but share it with others has worked as a striving force for me to create community based art. The art I attempt on materializing comes from the community, takes its form there and goes back into it. In order to fulfill this art making desire, I have been working collaboratively with other artists as well as people from the community. The art that I create could engage the community directly or indirectly. Currently, I intend on using this approach of art making primarily to raise awareness regarding contemporary art into the community.

Nature and society, I feel, have been the strongest driving forces for me. They inspire me, help me to come up with ideas and concepts that I incorporate in my work. Whilst working as a community artist, time and space have proved to be important factors that shape the outcome of my work.

I perceive freedom to be an integral constituent of an artist and his art making process. So, to conclude, I do not believe that an artist should stick to just one genre of art and work incessantly on just one particular style or idea. Instead, thoughts and ideas should be the reason to an artist’s choice of medium. The right medium for the right concept, best expresses what an artist intends on conveying. As for me, the usage of medium is all about flexibility, and trying to figure out the right medium for an artistic idea is what brings about quality in art and expression. This as well as the gradual building of monotony of limiting oneself to just one medium or style is the reason why I choose to work as an artist that makes use of varied media. The stylistic element and medium in my art changes with time and situation. All in all, change is an integral part of life.


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